how we are different

"I saw a lot of doctors who pushed for injections and didn't want to write my pain medications. This is the first time someone showed me my MRI and examined me."

We get this a lot. Some doctors skip the AMA recommended standard of care written to keep you safe from overzealous treatments.

If your doctor didn't follow this order: Oral steroids, pain medications, physical therapy, home traction, injections, surgery...get a new doctor.


spine specific therapists

"The therapist showed me how to get rid of my pain when it came. Why didn't anyone tell me about these guys before? Thanks for saving me time and money."

McKenzie PTs are trained an additional year and show you how to fix yourself. It's not paying for someone to put a hotpack on you and have you ride a bike in the corner.

Find the one nearest you at or just call us to help you find one. There are only 15 in the state.


home traction works

"I got better with just the home neck traction unit. I'll call if I think I need injections."

Athletes use them to suck their discs back into place and keep them there. They increase pain free range of motion and increase load capacity.

We'll give you one the day you come in.
Insurances pay for home neck traction units. Inversion tables cost about $100.

If you need injections, we perform:
trigger point injections, epidurals, facet radiofrequency ablation (rfa), sacroiliac joint (SI), facet joint injections, spinal cord stimulator trials for neck pain, back pain, joint pain, RSD, peripheral neuropathy.

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